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The Spark of Genius Scholarship is open to applications for the academic year 2020/2021

Dwight School Dubai is pleased to offer a merit-based scholarship program. Successful candidates will be awarded up to 50% tuition remission based on the School’s Founders Fees. Scholarships are awarded for two academic years. Once awarded, scholarship holders can apply for renewal provided they continue to meet the scholarship criteria.

The program will be open to both enrolled and to prospective students going into Grade 9 - Grade 12.

Scholarships are awarded on a competitive and merit based premise to students who demonstrate expertise in the set scholarship categories,  personifies the qualities embedded in the IB Learner Profile and who demonstrate outstanding commitment to the Dwight School Dubai Mission and Philosophy.

Scholarship Categories:

  • Academic
    • Demonstrate exceptional academic abilities and maintain outstanding progress in course work.
  • Athletic
    • Demonstrate athletic participation with a proven record of outstanding athleticism in the following sports:
      • Basketball

      • Football/Soccer

      • Volleyball

      • Swimming

      • Track and Field/ Athletics

  • Consistently exemplify good sportsmanship, including positive attitude toward team members, coaches, equipment, officials and spectators.
  • Innovation
    • Demonstrate genuine inventive ideas/products/prototypes.
  • Performing/Visual Arts (Theatre/Drama, Music, Visual Arts)
    • Demonstrate genuine artistic/musical talent.

Head of School, Ms. Janecke Aarnaes said: “We are thrilled to launch the Spark of Genius scholarship program here at Dwight School Dubai, giving creative minds in the Emirate the opportunity to fuel their thirst for innovation. Inspired by Dwight’s signature Spark Tank program, which has seen many Dwight School students from around the world become young entrepreneurs and introduce their creations and products into the marketplace. I look forward to seeing students thrive through the scholarship program and share their Spark of Genius with the Dwight School community.”

Scholarship Application - Academic Year 2020/21

Applicants are required to submit a personal statement to validate the applicant’s merit within his/her selected scholarship category. Each application must contain full name, date of birth, current grade of the student as well as complete contact details of at least one parent/guardian.

Academic Scholarship applications must also contain:

  • Minimum two latest End-of-Year Reports showing outstanding grades
  • Letter of recommendation from a current teacher

Athletic Scholarship applications must also contain:

  • Letter of recommendation from a current coach
  • Letter of recommendation from an academic staff (teacher/leader) at current school

Innovation Scholarship application must also contain:

  • Physical or digital portfolio with samples of creations/ innovations/prototypes accompanied by a rationale for its market readiness
  • Letter of recommendation from a current mentor/instructor/teacher

Performing/Visual Arts Scholarship must also contain:

  • Physical or digital portfolio of visual/audio works
  • Letter of recommendation from a current mentor/instructor/teacher

Scholarship holders are expected to represent the School at relevant competitions/fairs/conferences and will thus assume an important community role as Dwight Ambassadors and are expected to demonstrate exemplary attitude at all times. Failure to remain in good standing as a Dwight Ambassador and to uphold the scholarship criteria will result in the forfeit of the merit-based scholarship.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview/presentation (face-to-face if local resident, by Zoom if overseas) before the scholarship committee. Successful scholarship awards will be applied from the following academic year. All awards are merit-based and there is no guarantee that scholarships will be awarded within each/or any category each year.




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