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After-School & Extra-Curricular Activities

After-School & Extra-Curricular Activities

Across the Dwight global network of schools, we offer over 150 activities and curricular support sessions. Dwight’s after-school activities are an important extension of the day and reflect our dedication to igniting the spark of genius in every child. Students will develop their interests and talents and discover new ones, through extra-curricular programs that reinforce what they learn in the classroom, encourage skill development, and build self-esteem. Along the way, students share enriching experiences, forge friendships, and challenge themselves to grow.

The range of our after-school offerings is planned to be extensive, with age-appropriate choices to spark minds, bodies, and imaginations. Programs will be led by our faculty or leading outside professionals. Students will have fun, learn, and cultivate their unique spark of genius. 

We foster vertical grouping where appropriate, to allow students to engage across age groups and abilities. We do this to create a sense of community, respect for diversity and challenge.

After-School Activities

The range of activities that we will offer over the next few years are:

Languages Sports Community Innovation Arts
Quran Reading & Recitation Basketball Mindfulness Robotics Film & Media
Arabic Writing Volleyball Community Service Coding Photography
French Netball Conservation Club Entrepreneurship Club Art Club
Mandarin Dodgeball Leadership Club Creators Club Drama
Russian Swimming Model United Nations Mindfulness Orchestra
Korean Gymnastics   Math Club Dance
Hindi Tennis   Science Club Gold & metal smithing
Italian Chess Club     Band
Dutch Squash   Choir  
German Fencing   Public Speaking  
  Equestrian Sport   Debating  

The choices we offer reflect our school’s mission and curriculum in that we wish to kindle our students’ interests. Some of the activities we offer may not be ones they have tried before or have the opportunity to outside of school, yet they may show a natural aptitude for them. We regularly seek feedback from students and families to ensure needs are being met and to assess the demand for new options. This is particularly important in supporting our mission to develop the spark of genius. 

Students may be asked to pay additional fees for optional activities which they can choose to join or for voluntary travel related to activities such as sporting teams and international exchanges.

The World at Your Feet

Important co-curricular opportunities are available to students in Dwight School Dubai to participate in exchanges, collaborations and study abroad activities that include other schools in the Dwight network. Students at Dwight School Dubai also have the unique chance to host their peers from Dwight schools in shared activities and cultural visits.

Dwight School Dubai’s approach to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities is one that builds on activities and learning covered in the school’s curriculum and that also relates to the student’s personal interests and enthusiasms.

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