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The Dwight Difference

The Dwight Difference

Three small words - with giant potential.

“Igniting the spark of genius in every child”

More than just a motto, it is a philosophy and guiding light with giant potential for each and every student. It is synonymous with teaching at Dwight and can conjure up an inestimable number of opportunities.

A person’s ‘Spark of genius’ is an interest, pursuit, talent, or passion – whatever captures the mind, spirit, body, or imagination. It drives our personalized approach to learning, permeates the culture of our school, and differentiates Dwight School Dubai from all others.

The premise is straightforward: When a child expresses an interest in, or talent for, a particular field, whether in the arts, math, humanities, technology, advocacy, science, sports, etc., that ‘spark’ should be fostered. A nurturing teacher who is able to tap into what excites a student opens the door to greater learning.

Working one-on-one with students, Dwight faculty members empower them to pursue their passions, believe in their talents, and seek their own unique path of learning. This personalized attention translates into greater mastery and success. At the same time, they gain greater self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment that carries over into other areas both inside and outside the classroom.

As students grow, graduate, and move on to higher education and careers, their passions may change, evolve, or translate into life-long meaningful purpose. No matter the direction, when a spark is ignited, the potential is limitless. Dwight educators inspire children to believe that anything is possible and our alumni around the world illustrate that this is true.

Enhancing language, culture and the arts

Growing up in Dubai, home to people from all over the world, our students are global citizens by default. At Dwight School Dubai, we know that our students need to build strong identities in their own cultures as well as developing an understanding and awareness of the many other cultures (local and international) that surround them on a daily basis.

From the earliest years at Dwight, students develop an appreciation for Arabic culture and traditions through our innovative Arabic language program. Students also choose a third (and sometimes fourth) modern language to study (choice of French or Mandarin in the PYP; choice of French, Mandarin, Spanish or German in MYP). In addition, our arts program introduces students to music, art styles, and performance traditions from around the world.

As a community, this commitment to developing internationally-minded students is exemplified through our unique Arabic Program. Students of all ages are welcome to participate in our programs, from learning Arabic language to nurturing one’s skills as a jewelry maker.

Revolutionary leaps in education

Artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, block chain technology, quantum computing – as technology continues to transform our world so swiftly, disrupt markets, and reshape the nature of doing business every day, there is an urgent need for education to respond.

Dwight School Dubai is answering the call by blazing a trail for innovative IB curriculum changes, taking project-based learning and peer-to-peer learning to new heights, and educating skilled transformational thinkers who can excel in any and all endeavors.

With our brand new, purpose built educational facility, we extend Dwight’s design lab, maker space and incubator experiences for students, which will fuel even more collaboration and creativity, Dwight School Dubai is proud to be the school of the future today..

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