University & College Guidance

University & College Guidance

Dwight School Dubai’s University & College guidance program aims to help our students make the transition from being an IB Diploma student to becoming a University/College student where they can thrive and continue their learning to achieve their desired careers. The University & College Counsellor provides student-centered guidance to students already from Grade 9. Our aim is to assist students and their families in the application process to Universities/Colleges by providing support and information in a variety of ways throughout their final years at Dwight. Drawing on the benefits of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, which is highly regarded by universities all over the world, students have the advantage of being enrolled in a rigorous academic curriculum with an accompanying program of activities that showcases each student’s talents.

The University & College Counsellor assists students and their families in every aspect of their search by meeting one-on-one with each student, organizing University/College visits to the school, holding University/College information evenings regarding University/College selection and providing support with other services needed for university admissions to specific countries. Students intending to apply to universities in the US may also need to sit the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) examinations.

With the network of University & College Counsellors located at the other Dwight schools around the world, we can provide first hand assistance to students who are seeking admission to universities in regions where our other school campuses are located.

The expertise and experience of our professional counsellors is a valuable resource for our students. Dwight School Dubai graduates will be prepared for entrance into some of the best universities around the world. The first graduating cohort will be in 2022 with an IB Diploma, the most sought after qualification by universities.

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