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Upper School Distance Learning

Upper School Distance Learning

We know that learning takes on many different forms and can take place in many different settings. Dwight School Dubai's Distance Learning experience is the very type of experience that our Upper School students are prepared to take on and to grow from, independently, with their peers, and even with their families.

Over the course of this campus closure, students will be invited to engage in learning experiences that will stretch their thinking and will encourage new ways of doing in each of their classes, even though they will not be physically present on campus. Each of these learning experiences may be followed up with appropriate homework or a formative/summative assessment to confirm that the students have engaged appropriately with the content and that their understanding of the content supports their progress towards the identified target standards. The clear goal for these days is to be analogous to the students’ experiences on typical days at school: to interact, to engage, to grow, and, ultimately, to learn.

As Middle Years Programme (MYP) students are still developing their independence, a teacher-parent partnership is necessary for students to engage in Distance Learning tasks and, in some cases, to access on-line resources. The learning tasks and activities provide direction and support to families. We recognize that parents may have more than one child to guide, therefore we have framed the learning experience to require minimal parent involvement.

Our older students and members of our Upper School communities are aware of the additional pressures related to this unexpected transformation of in-school instructional time to online learning. We have received guidance from our flagship school in New York, our sister schools in Shanghai and Seoul, and the IB. We will keep the community updated on this topic as we have news to share. In the meantime, our Upper School teachers will prioritize student learning that is critical to preparing our students for their exams and assessments.



Middle Years Programme Distance Learning

The Distance Learning Plan, in the Middle Years Programme (MYP), will include engaging experiences in their scheduled and real-time classes each day.

With several lessons to engage in each day, teachers will account for the increased demand that will be required of students as they are engaging in this type of independent online learning. Students will have multiple activities within the time frame of a regular class. Teachers will provide guidance specific to the amount of time activities/assignments might require. This will include time spent on accessing content, as well as completing work.

Students will also have off-screen tasks that are designed to engage the Upper School learner and attend to Upper School needs. Follow up homework or flipped classroom work may be expected in addition to the dedicated learning time for each class. Flipped classroom work requires students to fully and actively engage in the content independently and then reflect, summarize, and/or demonstrate newfound understandings of the content within a more collaborative online setting.

Students can expect the total time for engagement in learning for each class, including reading, homework, and work towards long term assignments, should not exceed 60-75 minutes.


Flipped Classroom Math Class

Teachers record personalized videos for students to watch prior to the class like below: 

Then during our synchronized class, we go over the concepts and real life problems! 


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